Collaborative Video-Based Learning Using Tablet Computers to Teach Job Skills to Students with Intellectual Disabilities

David Roldán-Álvarez, Estefanía Martín, Pablo A. Haya

Education Sciences. 2021; 11(8):437.


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) provide different opportunities to students with intellectual disabilities and to professionals who work with them. However, few studies address the use of collaborative learning platforms and handheld devices to enhance the integration of people with intellectual disabilities in the labour market. We present a learning experience where active methodologies, such as collaborative work, are combined with the use of iPads and a learning management system following a video self-modelling methodology. The goal of this study was to determine whether the combination of traditional methodologies and new could be appropriate for students with intellectual disabilities and how they behave when having to rate their partner’s work. The results show that the combination of active learning methodologies, video self-modelling and the use of learning platforms and tablets is promising for teaching job related skills to students with intellectual disabilities, as participants experienced increased motivation to complete the tasks, improving their skills in the process

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