Adaptive manuals as assistive technology to support and train people with acquired brain injury in their daily life activities

Javier Gómez, Germán Montoro, Pablo A. Haya, Xavier Alamán, Susana Alves and Mónica Martínez

Personal and Ubiquitous Computing 17 (6), 2013,  1117-1126 [download] (JCR, IF 2012: 1.133, Q2)

Assistive technologies and ubiquitous computing can be related since both try to help people in their lives. This common objective motivated us to develop and evaluate a system that puts ubiquitous computing technologies into the rehabilitation process of people with acquired brain injury. Thus, in this paper, we present and evaluate a system that shows adaptive manuals for daily-life activities for people with acquired brain injury. This first evaluation allowed us to validate our approach and also to extract valuable information about these systems as well as environmental factors that may affect the patients.

Volume 17 Issue 6, August 2013
Pages 1117-1126